Passenger Transport

Passenger transport fleets with camera systems are safer for their drivers and passengers and have lower claims and vehicle damage costs.

Van Logistics

Van fleets with camera systems enjoy lower insurance premiums along with significantly fewer insurance claims and loss of cargo.


Cameras are essential to protect construction vehicles, site workers and vulnerable users and are compulsory on many sites.


Trucks with camera systems are safer and less stressful to drive and are fully protected from unfair claims by video evidence.

Safety | Protection | Compliance

Fleet Focus camera solutions and nationwide service are trusted by fleets across the country to provide the highest standards of protection and compliance.

Delivering the perfect combination of reliable hardware, intuitive software and first class support we work with our customers to improve safety and reduce the costs of claims and damage to their business.

Whether you require a FORS or DVS compliance, multi-camera recording or an integrated video telematics package, Fleet Focus are ready to help.