“Due to increased HGV safety requirements and the continued focus on vulnerable road users specifically in Greater London, we at Inter City Logistics quickly identified the requirement for a reliable and effective multi-camera system.

Not only would this help to resolve road traffic accidents, especially where fraudulent claims are concerned, it would also help with the classic 50/50 claim settlements where the 3rd party are at a fault.

We approached a number of suppliers and in our opinion Fleet Focus stood head and shoulders above their competitors in both the way they demonstrated the equipment and the after-sales support once we were up and running.  The passion for their product and service was clearly evident and was a crucial factor in our decision making.

Within the first month we saw the benefit of choosing Fleet Focus and managed to win several costly claims which otherwise may have been contested due to the lack of evidence.  The solution is a big selling point for Inter City Logistics, we demonstrate the service to current and potential customers and show how we manage our fleet and more importantly their goods whilst in transit”.

Ben Biggs – Managing Director

About Intercity Logistics

Intercity Logistics run a fleet of vans and trucks providing time sensitive technical logistics services across the UK and Europe. Operating 24/7 from depots in London and Crewe and handling high value and often fragile goods, all drivers are highly trained and security cleared.


Days Playback
Online Connectivity
Cameras Fitted
Storage Capacity

MyFleet™ Live Connected

Inter City Logistics can access their Fleet Focus video systems at any time using the MyFleet™ Live software platform from PC’s and Smart phones.

Information including the vehicles location and status is updated every 30 seconds and a live feed from any or all of the vehicle cameras can be viewed at the click of a mouse.

Whenever the load door is opened a live view of the delivery / collection is displayed on a screen in the operations centre helping managers to monitor security, safety and customer service.

Historic footage from up to 40 days in the past can be played back and downloaded remotely and is enriched with GPS, Geforce and loading / unloading data.

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