GDPR compliance guide for vehicle cameras

Companies considering vehicle camera systems with recording capability should be aware of GDPR as should those with existing systems in place.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU wide data privacy law which comes in to force on the 25th May 2018, it has already been implemented in other EU countries and supersedes the existing Data Protection Act (DPA). The UK government has committed that it will continue with GDPR following Brexit.

Although there are complex compliance requirements for some business sectors, GDPR compliance for vehicle fleets with camera systems is actually straightforward and revolves around respecting privacy, protecting data and making sure those being recorded are aware.

Compliance Checklist

1. Are those being recorded fully aware of the systems presence?

Fleet Focus recommend a combination of staff consultations, policy documentation and vehicle stickers to ensure everyone is aware of the systems presence and operation.

2. Is the footage and data the system captures truly necessary to the business?

The usage of cameras and recording must be justifiable reasons i.e for the safety of the driver or the public, the security of goods or prevention of false or unfair insurance claims.

3. Is all footage stored securely and only for as long as is needed?

Fleet Focus systems include our TriSafe™ security measures utilising physical key locks, non-standard file formats and invisible watermarking. Files are stored only in most cases for 20 days or up to a maximum of 120 days.

4. Does the system respect the right to privacy of individuals?

Detailed installation specifications and bespoke controller modules ensure that footage is not recorded in private areas of the vehicle, during rest times and in designated locations.

5. Are there documented policies for staff and managers?

It is essential that the nature of the system, how data will be used and who by is included in staff contracts. Fleet Focus provide example policies for PRO Series customers.

6. Is there a defined process for employees to request access to data stored about them?

Employees must be aware of how to obtain footage and data held about them and who to get it from. Fleet Focus supply driver guides and information stickers for display in-cab.

7. Report data breaches to the ICO within 72 hours.

Should a data breach occur where an unauthorised person(s) gains access to personal data it must be reported to the ICO (Information Controllers Office) within 72 hours.

Fleet Focus Deliver

Detailed advice and information

Since early 2017 Fleet Focus have been training our team and developing a range of hardware and software solutions along with documentation and useful materials to help our customers comply with the GDPR.

Our consultants are ready advise on implementing new compliant solutions or updating your existing systems to comply with GDPR. All aspects of the implementation can be taken care of including system specification, installation and data access controls.

Hardware that protects privacy

Whilst hardware in itself cannot be GDPR certified the data it captures and therefore its design is vital to compliance. Fleet Focus systems are designed to aid compliance with GDPR law meaning that they will not capture data that cannot be legitimately justified.

All Fleet Focus recording systems deliver enhanced data security with TriSafe™ data protection which combines physical key locks, non-standard file systems and invisible watermarking.

Secure software platform

Fleet Focus MyFleet™ software has been updated to help our customers comply with GDPR data security requirements.

MyFleet™ protects footage using a secure password protected login process, whilst MyFleet™ Live includes enhanced server data security, user level control restricting who can view, playback, download and edit footage and detailed activity logging and reporting to prevent breaches and for review in the event of an access request.

Free compliance resources

From warning stickers and laminated drivers guides, to example policy documents Fleet Focus provide a wide range of free resources to help our customers with GDPR compliance.

Continual development, training and sharing of best practice allows us to keep adding to and improving our resources areas and your account manager is always on-hand for any questions you may have.

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