We team up with Quartix for camera-telematics solution

Fleet Focus are proud to announce the integration of our FF2000 connected camera systems with the award winning Quartix vehicle tracking solution.

The connection of the two platforms creates a unique camera-telematics solution which enriches the powerful Quartix telematics application with High Definition camera footage from the FF2000 camera.  Whereas fleet managers would previously relied only on data reports and scoring to try to understand driving incidents and behaviour, FF2000 camera footage shows what actually happened.

Being able to quickly review video footage to handle insurance claims and to train drivers, means that fleets are able to make big savings in time and money and signifcantly reduces risk. By combining all of the benefits of Fleet Focus cameras with the user friendly interface of the Quartix platform, customers can add camera protection to their fleet quickly and with minimum impact on the business.

Fleet Focus director Graham Plummer said ‘The integration with Quartix has been years in the making and we are very happy with the end result. We have a roadmap of developments which will see the Quartix solution in partnership with Fleet Focus cameras become one of the strongest and most competitive camera-telematics propositions on the market.

Our expertise in the supply, maintenance and development of vehicle cameras combined with Quartix’s heritage and approach to customer service is truly a game changer in the market’.