Direct Vision Standard FAQ

What is the Direct Vision Standard?

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is an initiative from Transport for London (TFL) designed to improve the safety of vulnerable road users and will require all vehicles over 12 tonnes to have a DVS Safety Permit. Unlike other safety schemes DVS is a legal requirement of vehicle drivers and operators and will be operational at all times.

When will DVS come into force?

Enforcement of DVS was due to commence on 21st October 2020 but has been postponed due to Covid-19, this means that non-compliant vehicles entering the zone after this date will not be fined.

The new timescale set by TFL is March 2021 however no specific date has been announced. Whilst enforcement has been delayed it is unclear whether operators of vehicles that are not compliant with DVS from 21st October 2020 could be judged as negligent should a serious accident occur.

Where will a DVS safety permit be required?

The map below shows the London boroughs where a DVS safety permit will be required for applicable vehicles to drive through or operate. Like the Congestion Zone Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) will be used to detect vehicles accessing the zone and automatically check their permit.

Which vehicles qualify for safety permits?

A vehicles star rating is based on the driver’s visibility from the cab and is calculated using technical specifications devised by TFL. It is the vehicle manufacturers responsibility to calculate and issue the star rating which will be linked to the vehicle’s chassis number. To be be issued a safety permit a vehicle must have a star rating between 1 and 5.

What if my vehicles have a zero-star rating?

Many vehicles will have a zero-star rating, they can however be issued with a safety permit using the DVS Safe System. The DVS Safe System is a combination of supplementary safety equipment installed to the vehicle to aid drivers and warn vulnerable road users. It is encouraged by TFL on all HGV’s regardless of their manufacturers star rating. Contact Fleet Focus to obtain information on the DVS Safe System for your vehicles.


What happens if a vehicle enters the zone without a safety permit?

Operators of vehicles entering the zone without a safety permit will be fined up to £550 for each infringement with drivers receiving fines of up to £130.

What if my vehicles are already FORS compliant?

In most cases FORS Silver compliant vehicles will meet the DVS Safe System requirements, to find out more about FORS and DVS Safe System compliance contact us.

How do I get a safety permit for my vehicles?

Safety permits can be obtained from TFL, this can be done individually or by uploading a template document for your fleet.

Click below to start the process or contact Fleet Focus for support.