Covid-19 Service Updates

Fleet Focus acknowledge our responsibility as part of our customer operations and have implemented a range of control and contingency measures to maintain service. We intend to fulfil our commitments using technology and good practice to play our part in controlling the spread of Covid-19 and to minimise its impact on business and society.

We continue to monitor advice from the Department of Health & Social Care, and will act in accordance with their guidance.

Continuity of office and support services

Our sales, support and finance teams are now working remotely and are operating as follows:

  • All staff and departments working remotely are accessible on our 0800 0093006 phone number.
  • Individuals and departments have full remote access to email communications.
  • Our MyFleet™ Live cloud cameras platform is fully operation and is being monitored and maintained remotely.
  • All administration and storage systems are hosted in the cloud and are available remotely.
  • Training and support are being delivered using conference calling and online screensharing applications.

Monitoring of field engineer Covid-19 status

We are actively monitoring our field engineers exposure to the virus and are checking the status of our engineers every morning. Where a field engineer is identified as exhibiting symptoms or may have been exposed to Covid-19 a risk management process will be instigated and appropriate action take. All social distancing measures are being strictly adhered to.

Measures to prevent field engineer exposure

Fleet Focus engineers are required to follow the safety measures set out below, we appreciate our customers full support:

  • Facilities for engineers to wash their hands before and after every job must be provided.
  • Engineers are required to work outside and a minimum of 10 metres away from others.
  • All personal items must be removed from the vehicle before the engineer can commence work.
  • Engineers must not shake hands, share pens/tools/phones etc or have any other physically contact with others.
  • Electronic POD signatures for the Fleet Focus field app have been suspended.
  • Engineers must use anti-bacterial wipes to clean work areas before and after work is carried out.
  • Engineers must wear protective gloves where possible.

Covid-19 risk assessments

Customers will be contacted prior to work commencing to confirm everything is ready for our engineer and to complete a Covid-19 risk assessment. Where any concerns are raised Fleet Focus will take action to prevent exposure to our field engineers. Should the situation change onsite following the risk assessment call it is vital that Fleet Focus are updated before the engineer arrives. Fleet Focus field engineers will fully comply to all practical site infection control measures that are in place.

Job cancellation policy due to Covid-19

It is inevitable that jobs will cancel due to infection control measures and Covid-19 cases emerging; In the event of a short-notice job cancellation due to Covid-19 concerns we will not charge rebooking fees to any customers.