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Artics are the king pin of the haulage network covering more miles than any other vehicle class and require a unique approach to camera solutions.

Fleet Focus engineers have paid particular attention to getting our solutions right technically for the vehicles and importantly for the drivers who use them for many hours every day.

Incorporating the performance and reliability Fleet Focus customers expect, our solutions include a range of features designed specifically for artics. Including increased storage capacity, night dimming, low distraction in-cab displays, high mount manoeuvring cameras and driver privacy protection.

MyFleet™ Live connects our customers to their vehicles providing live views from and camera and fast historic video footage upload. Dashboard mounted alert buttons can mark video footage with important events and can raise alarms to the operations centre in the event of an emergency.

Approved by FORS, CLOCS and Crossrail, Fleet Focus solutions are installed and maintained on-site by our team of engineers and supported by our UK technical team.

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Front Camera View


Fleet Focus forward facing cameras record the drivers view of the road and are often decisive in proving fault in the event of a driving incident, saving hours of time and thousands in claims and insurance costs.

The Fleet Focus HD HIBRITE™ camera includes an ultra-wide angle lens and captures crystal clear footage for recognition of number plates and faces, even in low light conditions.

Rear Camera View


Rear cameras are an essential safety aid and help to prevent fatalities, injuries and damage to vehicles and property.

Fleet Focus ULTRATOUGH™ Reversing Cameras are rugged and reliable and are designed specifically for trucks.  They can be connect with or without a suzi connection, provide full night vision and are independently tested to exceed the IP69 max waterproofing standard.

Side Camera Views


Side cameras help fleets to comply with FORS and CLOCS specifications and are considered a vital safety device for any large truck.

Side cameras provide a clear view of the blind-spots night and day and record video footage for review in the event of an incident. Fleet Focus side cameras are part of our ULTRATOUGH™ range and are guaranteed to provide years of trouble free operation.

Tipper Camera View


For most driving incidents the driver is a key factor and outward facing cameras tell only part of the story.

In-cab cameras are an optional part of the artic solution and provide valuable information to defend drivers in the event of an incident. They are a very effective tool in enforcing mobile phone and non-smoking policies and Fleet Focus in-cab artic cameras fully respect driver rest break privacy.

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Wired or Wireless Trailer Cameras?

The reversing camera on the trailer is a key consideration of an artic camera system. Depending on the trailer type, the way the business works and any existing equipment fitted, Fleet Focus may recommend wired or wireless trailer connections.

For maximum durability and signal quality Fleet Focus wired suzi connections use cast metal plugs and connectors with commercial grade, fully shielded 2M coiled cables capable of carrying up to four camera channels. Bespoke suzi designs and unique plug types are available on request.

Our wiresless systems are put through exactly the same testing as our ULTRATOUGH™ camera range and meet the IP69 max waterproofing standard, delivering up to 120M line of sight transmission range with a tiny 200ms latency.



Simple Video Download

Whether via our MyFleet™ online platform or directly from the vehicle, downloading and reviewing video is a simple task with Fleet Focus systems.

Backed by free 0800 telephone support and comprehensive documentation, footage can be accessed on Windows PC, Apple iOS and Android smart devices.

Due to the difficulties customers face when sending video files through email, Fleet Focus provide a free big-file sending service and a range of tools to create and store important video footage.

Our team are on hand to help download and analyse video and prepare it for in insurers or third-parties whenever we are needed.


  • Safe loading and unloading

  • 360° driver visibility

  • Driving ability and standards

  • Driver concentration and fitness to drive

  • Lone working safety and monitoring


  • Load security and damage prevention

  • Spurious, inflated and fraudulent claims
  • Unjustified personal injury claims

  • Deliberate and accidental vehicle damage

  • Company brand and image


  • FORS, CLOCS, Crossrail
  • Insurance subjectivities

  • Site compliance and access rules

  • Health and Safety executive guidelines

  • Company policies and procedures

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